FLEX Sales & Marketing module allows you to manage your sales and marketing activities, including lead tracking, opportunity management, customer relationship management, and campaign management. With this module, you can improve your sales performance, enhance your customer engagement, and increase revenue

Fabric HUB (QR code)

 It could be a retail store or online platform that sells fabrics for sewing, quilting, or other textile-related activities. If you’re looking for a specific fabric store, you might need to provide more details.

Fabric Hub could be a brand name or the name of a company involved in textiles or related industries. If that’s the case, more specific information is needed to provide accurate details.

Swatch Card Information with electronic approval

Swatch cards are created digitally using design software or specialized tools. Each swatch is represented as a high-resolution image, and details about the material, color, and any other relevant information are added.

Designers or product managers create digital swatch cards and submit them for approval. This submission is often done through a digital platform or software.

Analysis sheet observation

This is the core of the analysis sheet and includes the detailed observations, data, or information. Observations can be written in a narrative form or recorded in a tabular format. They should be specific, objective, and relevant to the stated purpose.

Depending on the purpose of the observation, this section may include a summary or analysis of the observed data. It can involve calculations, comparisons, or interpretations to derive insights from the observations.

SDRF (Sample development requisition form) with electronic approval

A development requisition form with electronic approval is a document used to request and initiate a development project or task within an organization. This form typically includes project details, budget information, and other relevant information

This form can be customized to suit your organization’s specific needs and requirements. Make sure to include the appropriate electronic signature fields and ensure that all relevant approvers are notified electronically for their approval.

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