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Properly Managed

Manage your business from anywhere. Boost productivity with the foremost Enterprise Resources Planning.


Reliable software to help you manage operations and communicate with your clients, tenants and vendors anywhere, anytime.


Automate rental reminders, track maintenance requests and service charges and provide online portal for tenants. Track all bills.


Easily manage and track all homeowner, other resident, and executive members. Keep records up-to-date including financials.

Powerful Features

FLEX helps you run a more modern and efficient business through automation, easier access to all your data, centrally manage your properties, financials and more, from anywhere, anytime.


FLEX Sales & Marketing module allows you to manage your sales and marketing activities, including lead tracking, opportunity...


FLEX R & D module enables you to manage your product development process, from ideation to prototyping to testing.


FLEX Costing module helps you calculate and analyze the costs of your products and services. You can set up cost centers...


FLEX Commercial module manages your commercial transactions, including purchase orders, sales orders, invoices...


FLEX Procurement module manages your procurement process, from supplier selection to invoice reconciliation.


FLEX HR module manages your human resources and payroll processes, including employee data, attendance, leaves...


This module helps you manage your revenue and budget, including sales forecasts, revenue targets, and budget plans.


Accounting is an essential and unavoidable part of any business. Even small companies must adhere to stringent accounting...

So Much Benefits

Have bird-eye view of your property management operations, save costs by eliminating paper work, reduce time waste on maintenance, easily communicate with your clients and tenants, manage vendors more efficiently and much more...

Comprehensive Solution

Our ERP software provides a comprehensive solution that covers all the key functions and operations of the denim industry,from sales and marketing to production and inventory management. This means that customers can use a single software solution to manage their entire business, which can help streamline their operations, reduce errors, and improve efficiency


Our ERP software is highly customizable, which means that it can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each customer.Customers can choose which modules to implement based on their business requirements and can also that customers get the most value from the software. customize the software to match their workflows and processes. This can help to improve adoption rates and ensure that customers get the most value from the software

Enhanced Visibility

With our ERP software, customers can gain enhanced visibility into their operations, which can help them make informed decisions and optimize their performance. Customers can track key performance indicators, such as sales, production, and inventory levels, in real-time, and generate detailed reports that provide insights into their business. This can help customers identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions

Improved Efficiency

Our ERP software can help customers improve their efficiency by automating many routine tasks and workflows.This can help to reduce errors, save time, and free up resources for more strategic tasks. For example, the software can automate inventory management, production planning, and billing, which can help streamline operations and reduce costs


Our ERP software is highly scalable, which means that it can grow with the customer’s business. As the customer’s business expands, they can add new modules and users to the software, without needing to switch to a new solution. This can help customers save time and resources and ensure that their software investment is future-proofed.


We are loved by businesses like yours who have transformed and are managing their businesses with Flex property management software

Chimi Payday General Manager ,Hotel Norpheling, Thimphu, Bhutan

I have used FLEX from starting of my hotel. Is so benefiting starting from Reservation till reports. The outcome or bills are so clear without any issue. The accounts module is really helpful for my hotel. I will highly recommend FLEX for any type of hotels.

Geden Wangdi Manager, City Hotel, Thimphu, Bhutan

It’s been two years we City Hotel Thimphu has been using Flex system to operate our daily operational. Outcome was very clear and fulfilled the criteria of an effective learning outcome -System managed to covered all the steps, We hardly experience issue with system, it’s reliable and teams are always prompt and ready to handle issue at any hours. Thank you for your continued support us.

Kuenzang Dorji General Manager,RKPO Green Resort, Punakha, Bhutan

Great professionalism, flexibility and the ability to keep a stable team are the key success factors of our long-lasting partnership with Flex Hospitality. The best ever Software for hotel. I have used many software but I found FLEX is best for the market to have better productivity and results. Thank you FLEX for serving our propose.

Kesang Choden Manager (Sales), Ariya Hotel, Thimphu, Bhutan

Seeking professional and excellent Property Management System delivery in your Hotel with Best Service and Support? Look no further than FLEX for practical, cost effective and Complete Solutions – 5 Star performance and delivery for all our projects.

Kuenzang Wangmo General Manager, Terma Linca Resort & Spa, Thimphu, Bhutan

Flex is the only hotel software that was developed and customized for the Bhutanese hospitality industry. Flex team are very committed and they have always been offering prompt service to our needs.

Tshering Bidha Manager (Reservation),Damchen Resort, Punakha, Bhutan

We have been using Flex since 2017, and the software is amazing. Everything is systematically punched, and no drawbacks. HIGHLY recommended.

Dorji Pelzang Front Office, Dewachen Resort, Paro, Bhutan

Convenient for our hotel as it is Time saving and Fun to use. It provides all the need that our hotel wants. Timely support from service provider. Highly prefer to use.

Vishal Rai Manager Hotel Jumolhari, Thimphu, Bhutan

Being one of their first Client in the country never had a bad experience for the last 7 years with Flex. One of the BEST in market, GREAT technical support team. HIGHLY recommended.

Scale and grow your business with Flex Property Manager

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